The most important factor needed to succeed in Nollywood is talent- Dele Odule

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Over the years, Dele Odule has become one of the most sought after veteran Yoruba actors.

The former president of the Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria  has lamented over lack of respect in Nollywood.

He noted that young actors don’t have respect for individuals who got into the industry before them.

He said, “It is in this industry that a particular actress would go on a ranting spree on social media because another actress did not address her as aunty. If you look back at my set and Jide Kosoko’s set and those who are older, you could never find things like this happening.

“The young generation artistes are the people messing up the industry and this goes back to what I have always said about the lack of standards in the industry. In those days, I used to address every actor who was older than me in the profession as sir or ma, though I didn’t take tutelage from them. But that doesn’t happen anymore. Now, they just call you uncle, he revealed in a chat with Punch.

Odule who started acting in a drama group called Oloko Theatre Group under the mentorship of Mukaila Adebisi, said talent was the most important factor every actor needed to succeed in the industry.

“No matter what anybody tells you differently, the single, most important factor to succeed in the industry is talent. If you have money and connections without talent, you may become popular but you wouldn’t last. Nowadays, a lot of people come into the industry thinking they can make it just because they have good looks. Well, I don’t blame such people because the industry has been bastardised and it has become an all-comers affair.

“In those days, you could never come into the industry without proper training. But these days, it seems nobody cares about that and everybody does whatever they feel like. It is indeed sad and I am worried for this profession. For people like me, this is the only job I have and I wouldn’t want to see it go to ruin.”

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