These 3 Kinds Of Diet Are More Harmful Than Smoking

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  • Poor diet is a leading cause of deaths all over the world
  • Not eating enough healthy foods is more harmful than smoking
  • A good dietary strategy should focus more on including healthy foods
  • A poor diet not only spells disaster for general health but it could also be a leading cause of deaths all over the world. If a new study is to be believed, consuming unhealthy foods regularly and not eating enough healthy foods can wreak more harm than smoking cigarettes! The finding, which was published in the international medical journal, The Lancet, observed and assessed the consumption of major foods and nutrients across 195 countries among adults over the age of 25. The relationship between sub optimal diet and the rate of mortality was studied carefully. Over 130 scientists from around 40 countries took part in the analysis and the results are shocking enough to push you towards a healthy diet immediately.

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