This Uber Driver That Picked Up Davido Will Brighten Your Day With His Excitement.

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It’s not every day an Uber driver gets to pick a celebrity, especially a Nigerian Uber Driver in America picking a famous Nigerian celebrity like Davido.

That is the case of the video Davido shared on Instagram of himself and an Uber driver who came to pick him up at the airport and was so excited he was the lucky driver Davido got.

The Uber driver was so excited he proceeded to call friends and family to share in his star-struck moment. The experience was funny yet heartwarming as the Uber driver revealed he’s the luckiest man on earth for driving a popular celebrity and singer of IF.

The Fall singer had earlier revealed he will be staying away from his phone some weeks back as he revealed he needed to concentrate on his new album but so far, Davido hasn’t been missed online as he is still there with us like many want.

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