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Top 10 high-paying professions in Nigeria

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There are quite a number of high- paying professions in Nigeria but just few are in the top rank by virtue of the income (salary) earned over a period of time by these professionals.

Most of the jobs culled from these professions require one to have exceptional creative skills, technical know-how and expertise, educational degrees and sort of a robust experience.

For a job/profession to be considered as highest-paying, the pay must commensurate with the value offered.

Different variables can be considered in terms of measuring what makes these professions high- paying. Some of them are:

· Annual salary

· Market Demand (Competitive nature)

· Nature of job

In no particular order, here is the list of high paying professions in Nigeria:

· Medicine/Health Sector: Medicine is one of the highest-paying professions in Nigeria. Those in the health sector earn reasonable income but this dependent on qualifications, positions and level of experience acquired in the profession over time.

· Petroleum Engineering: According to surveys, petroleum engineers are employed by oil companies. Hence, they are at a basic advantage to get high pays. Even at basic entry level, petroleum engineers still earn reasonable and large income as salaries.

· Law: Law is indeed a profession of pride and in a country like Nigeria where there are daily Court cases, many lawyers have cases to unmask and earn their money. To be able to get a comfortable spot at the pinnacle of one’s career, then the person must have built a very strong foundation for him/herself. The profession demands one to be extra-ordinary, bold and as such be able to stand out.

· Lecturing: University lecturers are also earning good salaries by virtue of their academic cadres. Those in private universities get more pay for the lecturing service(s) rendered. So don’t be swayed by the saying that “A lecturer reward is in heaven”.

· Entertainment: Without mincing words, the entertainment industry is indeed very lucrative. They make millions of by entertaining people. Comedians, Musicians, entertainers, Nollywood actors/actresses all have different strategies to advance their careers. They also get endorsement deals, organise concerts, TV ads and many more.

· Aviation: The aviation sector is a very important one. The demand for pilots, aeronautic engineers and others is always on the high rise because of the level of “expertise” involved.

· Accounting/Banking: Accountants help one to make informed financial decisions hence their professional services and experience is very much essential and important. It should be noted that a very high percentage of wealthy people are business men and entrepreneurs hence, most of them need the expertise of an accountant to keep a track record of financial activities.

· Media (PR, marketing, journalism): Today, the survival of any business, organisation or brand depends largely on how effective and efficient their advertising or marketing strategy is. One of the primary duties of an expert in this field is creating a strategic campaign plans that’ll help achieve the outlined business objectives.

· ICT (Programming, Coding, Software developers): Those in the field of ICT/IT could be termed as “hot-cakes” because of the peculiarities of their jobs and the advancement in digital trends/digitalisation. Undoubtedly, programmers are problem solvers. They help in figuring out how to make computers solve man problems. They are among the top 5 best paid professions in developed countries.

· Estate management: Estate management is a multi-facet discipline that covers all areas relating to the direction and supervision of land and landed properties. Without any iota of doubts, estate management business is truly lucrative and profitable.

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