Toyin Abraham, Ex-Husband Talk About Positives Of Divorce

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The ire that had caked the public language of divorced Nollywood couple, Adeniyi Johnson and Toyin Abraham, has weaned.

In place of the usual internet wars, the actors are drawing lessons from their failed marriage, which was legally certified a year ago.

Toyin, in an Instagram post visibly advertising her engagement ring, noted how the mistakes of her past marriage were positively shaping her new relationship with a yet-to-be-named lawyer.

“No matter how much it hurts now,” she wrote, “someday you will look back and realise your mistakes changed your life for the better.”

The sentiment was mutual as Adeniyi Johnson, who has since remarried to an actress, recently posted on Instagram a reminiscent, but didactic message about his marriage with Toyin Abraham.

According to the actor, however, people have accused and judged him for breaking his marriage, which was fraught with allegations of infidelity on both sides, he maintained that there were lessons to learn.

“They keep pointing fingers at me. ‘He has a broken marriage, he couldn’t manage a home. He had a second marriage before 40’ and all sorts.

“Yes, I concur but do you know God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Lots of inventors and great men of this world at some point in life had set backs. What I went through might have happened so I could learn or be motivated.

“People are free to pass judgement if only all their journeys have been smooth or went as planned. As ugly as a mango tree looks we all benefit and love the fruit.

“Last Sunday, I stood and anchored the black tie event strictly for couples. I shared experiences and gained experiences. I can’t keep looking back.” Johnson wrote.

In 2018, Johnson married Nolllywood actress, Seyi Edun, in a quiet ceremony which put paid to any nuptial prospects between him and Toyin since their divorce in 2015.

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