UM Govt urges residents to apply caution

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THE Lagos State government has urged residents to always apply caution whenever it rains.

It spoke in the wake of the downpour that paralysed commercial activities in the city yesterday.

The government, however, assured residents that it had put in place necessary measures to tackle the challenges pose by heavy rains.

In a joint statement by the Permanent Secretary,  Ministry of Information & Strategy, Fola Adeyemi and his counterpart in the Ministry of the Environment, Abiodun Bamgboye, the government urged Lagosians to remain calm. They described the unpredictable pattern of rainfall currently being experienced as the natural outcome of climate change.

The government stated that it was not unusual to occasionally experience flash-floods, especially in a coastal State like Lagos, as well as during rain of high intensity, as it occurred today, but assured Lagosians that in a matter of time, they will all disappear and be contained by the drainage.

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The statement reads: “Sometimes when it rains, we are likely to have flash-floods on our roads as it sometimes happens in other parts of the world, but the relief here is that the flash-floods will disappear in a couple of hours.

“The government assures Lagosians that relevant government agencies, like Drainage Services Department, LASEMA, LASPARK,  had been put on red alert to adequately respond to any unforeseen occurrences, during rains of high intensity as well as cart away fallen trees, electricity poles and confront any other emergencies, during the rains.

“Similarly, Lagos State Public Works Corporation is already on ground to clean the drainage channels, drainage set-backs and other road debris.”

The officials appealed to Lagosians to desist from the act of indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the drains as well as erecting structures on drainages and their alignments as these acts are capable of precipitating flooding.

They said: “The general public is urged to promptly report cases of indiscriminate dumping of refuse into drainage channels and unauthorised places as well as other incidents of drainage blockage to the relevant government agencies” the statement added.

“We advise Lagosians and motorists to be safety conscious during this period, urging them to take some safety measures like remaining indoors during the rains except when it is absolutely necessary and avoid over-speeding, when driving.

“Drivers should ensure that their vehicles are in good condition and avoid driving through flooded areas that their depths might be difficult to ascertain.”

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