Veterinarians lament infiltration by quacks

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The Lagos State chapter of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) has lamented the infiltration of the professions by quacks.

Its chairman Dr Olufemi Aroso, spoke at a well- attended event to association’s day at the NECA Hall, Ikeja.

 “Our beloved profession faces a lot of threats from familiar forces; all seeking to eke out of the meager resources available to the industry,” he began.

“In the recent past, the invasion of our mandates have been phenomenal, the incursions tiring. It all smacks of wanton disregard of our space,” he stated.

Stating further, he however blamed the incursion of quacks on the veterinarians who he said have created a lacuna in the system which accommodates quacks.

“I have consciously surmised the fault is actually ours. Nature, they say abhors vacuum. We created the lacuna and have allowed attacks on the labyrinths of our profession.

“We have not taken what belongs to us in a manner that dissuades impostors and charlatans.

“So, the time for change is now, the narratives must be re-written and the drumbeats must evoke another dance,” he said.

 Group Managing Director of Amo Farms, Dr. Ayoola Oduntan also decried the infiltration of the profession by quacks who he said are encroaching fast into the profession.

Oduntan, who has practised as a veterinarian since 1990, however advised the public to beware of quacks camouflaging as veterinarians.

On how the profession is handling the issue of quackery, Oduntan said: “We have to appeal to those who require veterinary services to insist on establishing validity on the claim of the profession.”

A timely intervention, according to him, is to involve the law in dealing with quackery.

“The other thing is that we are going to bring the full weight of the law down on those who are involved in quackery thereby adding to the problems of farmers and pet owners around the country.

“We have to be observant. We have to make sure that we take very good care of our customers such that they do not resort to looking for cheaper alternatives supplied by the quacks to make sure that all the companies and assets within the industries stay committed to working with the right channels; making sure we don’t sell drugs, vaccines, to people who don’t have professional license,” he said.

The veterinarian also talked about the importance of vaccination, telling the public how important it is to vaccinate their animals.

“According to one of the speakers, when you vaccinate your animal, you are actually protecting yourself because the diseases like rabies and other diseases are in one way or the other transmissible to humans.

“So if you vaccinate your animals against these diseases you are actually protecting yourselves against especially the zonotic ones.

“In poultry for instance or livestock production that are very big economic issues, vaccination could protect investments.

“These days, because of the development of vaccinations, you can protect your livestock very well against most diseases.

“If you vaccinate them and the management is good, you will minimise deaths and these are multi-billion dollars investments and vaccines protect those investments,” he said.


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