Why Nigeria celebs love tinted hair

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THESE days you don’t have to jet out of rainy Lagos or hot Abuja to run into tinted- haired celebrities. You can walk into them on the streets of Port Harcourt, the campuses in Ibadan and the offices within the Central Business District in Lagos. But these celebrities, who wear tinted hairstyle, are not your average Oyinbo blondes. No! They are as black as they come. We are talking about brown and black sisters who ditch the regular hairstyles common to us for the bright neon-like hairdos that make them stand out.

The tinted hairdo is getting more stylish and the hairstyle seems to have a certain evergreen feel. It pops up every once in a while within the fashion life cycle of a generation. Therefore, it always appears to be in vogue and ageless. These basic characteristics of the ‘blonde look’ are the reasons this style has remained in use for long.

While some with traditional fashion watchers frown at black people wearing the ‘blond look’, Nollywood and a lot of Nigerians seem not to mind. Actresses, who spot this look, seem to do pretty well in Nollywood.

Take Nigerian actress, model and media personality, Nancy Isime, for instance, she is the ultimate bombshell that has made natural ‘blonde hair’ a part of her signature look. One thing about Isime is that she is not a greenhorn in this area of style. She has been rocking her ‘blonde’ hairdo for years and has inspired by her over the years. So, this week, we are taking a few moments to appreciate the tinted-haired celebs,both old and present, in the entertainment industry.

In case you want some ‘blonde hair’ inspiration, or you just want to know celebs who had rocked and those that are still rocking ‘blonde hair’; behold the stars who rock the blonde hue more  than any other hue and styling photos that you can use when sporting blonde. They are stylish, comfortable and simple.

Blonde hairdo gives a classy look that no other hairstyle is ever able to. So, it is no surprise that ladies, even men, are sporting such hairdo that sets them apart in a crowd and enhances their beauty and outlook.

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