Why Nigerians should celebrate June 12, by Osun APC

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The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has explained why Nigerians should always celebrate June 12.

Acknowledging June 12 as Democracy Day, the party described it as a strategic battle won.

In a statement by its spokesperson Kunle Oyatomi, APC said: “The war for genuine democracy in Nigeria still rages on.

“There is good reason to celebrate Democracy Day nationally today (yesterday) for the first time; but there is also a strong reason to be alert and conscious of the lesson of perseverance, which the day’s event teaches.

“We cannot afford to ignore hindsight, to recall that the struggle to secure a firm foundation for democracy in Nigeria has been on for more than a quarter of a century.

“It is only just today that Nigeria came to acknowledge the relevance of June 12, 1993 to the establishment of democracy in the country.

“Since it took the country as long as 26 years to accept the inevitable,” the party argued, “June 12 was allowed to morph into a relentless storm that is creating turmoil in different directions.

“And until all its fundamentals are allowed to take effect, democracy in full flow with all its benefits may well take much longer to be actualised.”

The ruling party urged Nigerians not to forget the dozens of people, including the icon himself, the late Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (M.K.O.) Abiola, who was suspected to have been murdered in the attempt to stifle democracy in Nigeria.

The party said: “Not only that concerted efforts were made by powerful people to prevent Nigerians from recognising the June 12 event as a watershed moment in the struggle for democracy.

“We in Osun are so proud to have been one of those in the forefront of the battle to actualise June 12.

“Part One of our success came in 1999. Today, we celebrate Part Two, which has to do with national acknowledgement of that day as a memorable juncture in our quest for democracy in Nigeria.

“However, it is not yet Uhuru. The war for freedom, justice, equity and peace still rages on our streets, in our forests, cities, towns and villages.

“Until we can win the peace, security of life and property; until we can guarantee the safety of our communities from the rampaging herds of armed murderers and bigots, and until we can civilise our political culture, we would be a long way off from democracy.”

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