Ziggy’s death: They were aware of the ongoing construction, say estate representative

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It is no more news that Upcoming Nigerian rapper, Ziggy, died Sunday, June 16, 2019 at his Lekki, Lagos residence.

According to reports, Ziggy died after falling from a 4-storey building in his Paradise Estate residence managed by Lekki Gardens in Lagos. There is an unprotected open space meant for an elevator which hasn’t been installed and he wasn’t aware. It was gathered that several residents had complained about it and the management of the estate, Lekki Gardens, allegedly did nothing till it claimed a life.

However a friend of the artiste in paying homage to the late rapper noted that the poor construction of Paradise Estate led to his untimely death.

An Instagram user, ambassador_b01, who claimed to be an actor and friend of Ziggy said that the poor construction of the Paradise Estate buildings led to the untimely death of the singer.

“Gone too soon hommie, I swear am in pains, sadness, bitter, angered, frustrated,” he wrote.

“I miss you blood, I love you bro @iamkingziggy, Lekki garden, paradise estate killed my brother with their poor construction buildings.”

To the claim a representative of the Paradise Estate, Lekki, in a chat with The Nation newspaper confirmed that the incident was as a fault of an elevator under construction in one of their buildings.

She also made it known that the occupants of the building were aware that the elevator was not yet completed.

“The portion has been there and it is not the first time they were aware of the ongoing construction,” she said.

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