Zik Okafor eulogises AY


Filmmaker, critic and former National President of Association of Movie Producers, AMP, Zik Zulu Okafor, has showered encomium on comedian Ayo Makun, known as AY, who is presently visiting Warri, Delta State.

The post which was reposted by AY on his Instagram pages read thus:


HERE, YOUR “ORIKI” By @zikzuluokafor

“AY, the irrepressible purveyor of laughter, the man who took standup comedy to the movie screens through a sesame street and then arrested the theatre and its audience permanently. AY, I greet you. The modest guy with an immodest business ambition.

“The guy who single handedly pulls together for one show Nollywood stars that even Nollywood itself can’t find, not to mention bringing them together. Incredible AY. You made my dear little cousins to come from London to watch your show 3 years ago. The N750k I spent on tickets that night still de pepper me. I felt robbed though I enjoyed the show.  AY, man of avant-garde sartorial style and eloquent face, a stunning guy that turned a traditionally simple adverts for cables into a theatre of fun that people now sit waiting to watch a wire advert.

“What an artiste. You are made of the stunner stuff, a confluence of zingy and zesty spirit, bouncy in the morning rehearsals and still sprightly at night of performance. You are UNBELIEVABLE! No question, you are an authentic doyen of your joy- inspiring art. Man of rare humility and unusual amiable mix of uptown and rustic traits, I hail you! Welcome home Warri Boy!!!

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